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Join us on July 21, as the IGF-USA. This hybrid forum will bring together leaders from government, industry, and non-profits to discuss the most important issues facing the Internet.

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Thursday, July 21

8:30am EDT

Registration and Breakfast
Thursday July 21, 2022 8:30am - 9:00am EDT

9:00am EDT

Welcome Remarks
avatar for Melinda Clem

Melinda Clem

Co-Chair, IGF-USA

Thursday July 21, 2022 9:00am - 9:10am EDT
The Forum

9:10am EDT

Opening Fireside Chat
To kick-off the IGF-USA 2022, Assistant Secretary Alan Davidson will talk about broadband and digital equity, cybersecurity, and Internet fragmentation. 

avatar for Dustin Loup

Dustin Loup

Co-Chair, IGF-USA

avatar for Alan Davidson

Alan Davidson

Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information and NTIA Administrator, U.S. Department of Commerce
Alan Davidson is an Internet policy expert with over 20 years of experience as an executive, public interest advocate, technologist, and attorney. He was most recently a Senior Advisor at the Mozilla Foundation, a global nonprofit that promotes openness, innovation, and participation... Read More →

Thursday July 21, 2022 9:10am - 9:30am EDT
The Forum

9:30am EDT

Beyond Content: Improving Trust and Safety and Enabling User Choice
Public trust in social media and online information erodes as harmful content spreads. Americans have diverse views on appropriate content moderation and social platforms are subject to a patchwork of public policy goals, regulations and technical guidelines across the globe. How can we improve trust and safety while giving users more choice and control over their online experiences?

The growing intersection between technology and policy solutions for addressing content moderation at scale considers free speech, political risk and harms to users. Distinguished speakers will discuss the current state of public opinion, content moderation tools and regulation with a focus on solutions that move beyond content moderation to improve our increasingly digital experiences.

avatar for Cristiano Lima

Cristiano Lima

The Washington Post

avatar for Barak D. Richman

Barak D. Richman

Edgar P. and Elizabeth C. Bartlett Professor of Law and Business Administration, Duke University
avatar for Shannon McGregor

Shannon McGregor

Assistant Professor and Senior Researcher at the Center for Information, Technology, and Public Life, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Shannon McGregor is an assistant professor at the Hussman School of Journalism and Media, and a senior researcher with the Center for Information, Technology, and Public Life - both at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.Her research addresses the role of social media and... Read More →
avatar for Steve DelBianco

Steve DelBianco

CEO, NetChoice
avatar for Adam Neufeld

Adam Neufeld

Senior Vice President and Chief Impact Officer, Anti-Defamation League
As Senior Vice President and Chief Impact Officer, Adam Neufeld oversees the work of ADL’s Education, Center on Extremism, Center for Technology and Society and Center for Antisemitism Research. He also spearheads innovation and strategy between the Centers and the organization... Read More →

Thursday July 21, 2022 9:30am - 10:45am EDT
The Forum

10:45am EDT

Coffee Break
Thursday July 21, 2022 10:45am - 11:00am EDT

11:00am EDT

Beyond the Encrypted Content Debate
What are the outcomes all stakeholders want in the encryption debate, beyond access or no access to encrypted content? With a clearer understanding of our different end goals, we will discuss measures, both technical and non-technical, to help move us all closer to our goals.

avatar for Eric Geller

Eric Geller

Eric Geller is a Cybersecurity reporter at Politico. In this role he reports on cyber policy developments at the White House, the Department of Homeland Security, and other agencies. He also writes about election security, corporate data breaches, global malware outbreaks, and other... Read More →

avatar for Mallory Knodel

Mallory Knodel

CTO, Center for Democracy and Technology
avatar for Yiota Soura

Yiota Soura

Senior Vice President, General Counsel, NCMEC
Yiota Souras joined NCMEC in 2006 after seven years of experience with corporate litigation and white-collar investigations at international law firms in New York and Washington, D.C.Ms. Souras is responsible for all legal affairs of NCMEC including oversight of contractual, litigation... Read More →
avatar for Darrin Jones

Darrin Jones

Assistant Director to Strategic Technology Policy Office, FBI
avatar for John Morris

John Morris

Principal, Internet Policy and Advocacy, Internet Society
John Morris is the Principal, Internet Policy and Advocacy at the Internet Society. With a career in technology policy spanning the public, nonprofit, and private sectors, before joining the Internet Society, Morris held the position of senior non-resident fellow with the Center... Read More →

Thursday July 21, 2022 11:00am - 12:15pm EDT
The Forum

12:15pm EDT

Thursday July 21, 2022 12:15pm - 1:00pm EDT

1:00pm EDT

IoT: The Glue of Critical Infrastructure, Or Is It?
Billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices may be embedded in systems or elements of critical services – including, for example, power, information and communications technology, and emergency response. Sectors such as these share dependencies that are meaningful to public safety and national security.

As the war in Ukraine creates an abrupt rise in cyber risks, and global events trend toward uncertainty, IoT security – as an element of critical infrastructure security – has never been more important. At the same time, profit-driven criminals may target IoT in critical infrastructure, with public safety implications.

Our panel of experts will discuss how industry and governments across the globe can cooperate on standards and initiatives to push back against the tide of malicious cyber activity and safeguard critical infrastructure against IoT-based vulnerabilities.

avatar for Paul Eisler

Paul Eisler

Senior Director, Cybersecurity, USTelecom
Paul Eisler is Senior Director of Cybersecurity at USTelecom – the Broadband Association, Cybersecurity Co-chair of the U.S. Communications Sector Coordinating Council, and Secretariat Member of the Council to Secure the Digital Economy (CSDE). As an attorney licensed in D.C. a... Read More →

avatar for Wayne Jacobs

Wayne Jacobs

Special Agent in Charge, FBI
Mr. Jacobs joined the FBI as a special agent in 2003 and was assigned to the New York FieldOffice to work government and financial fraud and, later, violent crimes and gangs. He waspromoted to supervisory special agent in 2014 and transferred to the Criminal InvestigativeDivision... Read More →
avatar for Elaine Newton

Elaine Newton

Senior Director, Oracle
Elaine Newton is a Senior Director at Oracle and leads the Global Standards Policy and Compliance team. Previously, Elaine worked for more than 11 years for the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) where she was most recently served as the Standards Lead for Applied... Read More →
avatar for Scott Aaronson

Scott Aaronson

SVP of Security and Preparedness, Edison Electric Institute
Scott I. Aaronson is Vice President, Security and Preparedness for EEI.  Scott joined EEI in 2009 in the government relations department focusing on security and technology issues, and most recently served as executive director of security and business continuity. He leads the EEI... Read More →
avatar for Chris Boyer

Chris Boyer

VP of Global Security & Technology Policy, AT&T
Chris Boyer is Vice President of Global Security and Technology Policy at AT&T Services, Inc., where he is responsible for developing and advancing the company's global policy positions related to cybersecurity, national security and technology policy.  Mr. Boyer works closely with... Read More →

Thursday July 21, 2022 1:00pm - 2:15pm EDT
The Forum

1:00pm EDT

It’s all about the (identity) attributes
Digital identity is comprised of several piece of data and critical to the these are identity attributes – name, address, identification number, photo, eye color, etc. Identity attributes have the potential to change the way digital identity systems work, be providing just the necessary data to enable access instead of large amounts of information that may not be necessary for an organization to know. Data attributes can be issued by multiple organizations and asserted via many mechanisms. This discussion will look at the current state of digital identity and attributes, some of the different technologies that are going to be used by individuals to assert them -- mobile driver license and blockchain – and the potential privacy advantages of attributes.

avatar for Zachary Martin

Zachary Martin

Senior Advisor, Venable


Regina Udomratanavasi

Information Technology Manager, Social Security Administration
avatar for Maria Vachino

Maria Vachino

CEO, cyntegra
avatar for Kay Chopard

Kay Chopard

Executive Director, Kantara
Kay Chopard is the newly appointed Executive Director of the Kantara Initiative, a non-profit corporation. She is the former President and CEO of Chopard Consulting based in the Washington, DC metro area and is the founder of the Women’s Leadership Institute. Kay has more than 30... Read More →
avatar for Don Thibeau

Don Thibeau

Executive Director, Open Identity Foundation

Thursday July 21, 2022 1:00pm - 2:15pm EDT
Central Hub

1:00pm EDT

Visions for the Digital Future – Enabling Emerging Technologies
At the dawn of the commercial Internet a number of technologies (the Web, WiFi, broadband, smartphones) were combined to offer users exciting new services for entertainment, business, education, and government. Adoption of these new opportunities were spurred by exciting, specific visions promulgated by politicians, journalists, "Internet gurus", and companies such as Apple and Microsoft. Today, there are even more technologies and potential applications but the future is less clear. How can we better explain how digital technologies will be applied in the next five or ten years--and what impact they will have on our daily lives? 

avatar for Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Research Affiliate, MIT Sloan (CAMS)

avatar for Nanjira Sambuli

Nanjira Sambuli

Fellow, Technology and Int'l Affairs, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Nanjira Sambuli is a researcher, policy analyst and strategist interested in and working on understanding the unfolding, gendered impacts of ICT adoption on governance, diplomacy, media, entrepreneurship and culture.Nanjira is a Fellow in the Technology and International Affairs Program... Read More →
avatar for Sandy Pentland

Sandy Pentland

Entrepreneurship Program Director, MIT Media Lab
Professor Alex 'Sandy' Pentland directs MIT Connection Science, an MIT-wide initiative, and previously helped create and direct the MIT Media Lab and the Media Lab Asia in India. He is one of the most-cited  computational scientists in the world, and Forbes declared him one... Read More →
avatar for Amy Zalman

Amy Zalman

Founder, Prescient Strategy
Amy is an internationally recognized futurist, educator and author who prepares government and business leaders to anticipate and create change. She brings to every stage and workshop years of experience as a trusted authority on the future of power, governance and society in the... Read More →

Thursday July 21, 2022 1:00pm - 2:15pm EDT
South Hub

2:15pm EDT

Coffee Break
Thursday July 21, 2022 2:15pm - 2:30pm EDT

2:30pm EDT

Future of Online Markets
Technology companies, operating as facilitators between buyers and sellers, have created new spaces for a wide variety of commercial transactions. But regulators and lawmakers argue that large firms, such as Amazon and Google, have exploited their position within the market. Government officials claim that, with the aid of network effects and power asymmetries, these firms have insulated their market power to the detriment of consumers, small businesses, and innovation.  This session will examine current antitrust proposals advancing through Congress — including those that supporters hope will pass in July — and their potential impact on major digital services (E.g. app stores) and the consumer experience.

avatar for Ben Brody

Ben Brody

Reporter, Protocol

avatar for Carl Szabo

Carl Szabo

VP and General Counsel, NetChoice
As Vice President and General Counsel, Carl analyzes, advocates, and testifies on tech-related legislative and regulatory initiatives relevant to online companies. Carl is also an adjunct professor of internet law at the George Mason Antonin Scalia Law School.Before joining NetChoice... Read More →
avatar for Charlotte Slaiman

Charlotte Slaiman

Competition Policy Director, Public Knowledge
Charlotte is the Competition Policy Director at Public Knowledge. Prior to joining Public Knowledge, Charlotte worked in the Anticompetitive Practices Division of the Federal Trade Commission, investigating and litigating antitrust conduct violations, including the 2017 case against... Read More →
avatar for Will Duffield

Will Duffield

Policy Analyst, Cato Institute
Will Duffield is a policy analyst in the Cato Institute’s Center for Representative Government, where he studies speech and internet governance. His research focuses on the web of government regulation and private rules that govern Americans’ speech online... Read More →

Thursday July 21, 2022 2:30pm - 3:45pm EDT
The Forum

2:30pm EDT

Internet Equity 3.0: What’s Changed? What Still Needs to Change?
In the Internet 2.0 world, there has been much discussion of the digital divide, limited rural broadband access, and limited funding, but solutions have proven to be elusive. How are the challenges with equity as the Internet evolves? This IGF-USA session will focus on local challenges in Internet access, adoption, and affordability and how they affect community outcomes. The goals of this session are to improve our understanding of meaningful access, where the gaps exist, why they exist, and how to best address these needs.

avatar for Dustin Loup

Dustin Loup

Co-Chair, IGF-USA

avatar for Joshua Edmonds

Joshua Edmonds

Director of Digital Inclusion, City of Detroit
Joshua Edmonds is the City of Detroit’s inaugural Director of Digital Inclusion and is America’s first municipal Director of Digital Inclusion. He is responsible for the creation of Connect 313 – Detroit’s sustainable digital inclusion strategy designed to bridge the digital... Read More →
avatar for Nina Bodenhamer

Nina Bodenhamer

Director of City Give, City of Fort Collins
Nina Bodenhamer serves as the inaugural Director of City Give, an “in house’ approach to municipal philanthropy that allows the City of Fort Collins to respond to strategic projects and community needs that fall outside the normal city budget priorities but are well-positioned... Read More →
avatar for Sarah Oh Lam

Sarah Oh Lam

Senior Fellow, Technology Policy Institute
Sarah Oh Lam is a Senior Fellow at the Technology Policy Institute. Oh completed her PhD in Economics from George Mason University, and holds a JD from GMU and a BS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University. She was previously the Operations and Research Director... Read More →
avatar for Kimberly McKinley

Kimberly McKinley

Chief Marketing Officer, UTOPIA Fiber
Kim McKinley joined UTOPIA Fiber in 2010. In her role as CMO, she oversees the Marketing, Sales, Order Fulfillment and the Customer Service departments. Before coming to UTOPIA Fiber, she worked in the Hospitality Marketing industry on the east coast. Kim has a Bachelor’s Degree... Read More →
avatar for Dr. Romella Janene El Kharzazi

Dr. Romella Janene El Kharzazi

Founder and Session Chair, What's My Advice?
Dr. Romella Janene El Kharzazi is a Social Science Research Analyst for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and a People Governance expert with over 15 years of experience in helping organization operate more efficiently and ethically, both as an internal and external consultant... Read More →

Thursday July 21, 2022 2:30pm - 3:45pm EDT
South Hub

2:30pm EDT

The Unintended Consequences of GDPR: What Happens when the (3rd Party) Cookie Crumbles
GDPR has raised awareness of online privacy and put more control in the hands of consumers. However, the impact of GDPR goes beyond pop ups on websites. It is changing how the web works and how companies track visitors to their websites. This panel will discuss the immediate impact of GDPR and the fundamental changes taking place within browsers and tracking visitor activity. The panel will also make bold predictions on what they see happening next. 

avatar for Shane Tews

Shane Tews

Nonresident Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, President at Logan Circle Strategies
Shane Tews is a nonresident senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, where she focuses on cybersecurity issues, including privacy and data protection, next-generation networking (5G), the Internet of Things, international internet governance, digital economic policy, information... Read More →

avatar for Rick Lane

Rick Lane

CEO, IGGY Ventures, LLC
Rick is a tech policy expert, child safety advocate, and the founder and CEO of IGGY Ventures LLC.IGGY advises and invests in companies, projects, and public policy initiatives that can positively impact society.  Before starting IGGY, Rick served 15 years as the Senior Vice President... Read More →
avatar for Fiona Alexander

Fiona Alexander

Non-resident Senior Fellow, Center for European Policy Analysis
Fiona M. Alexander is a Non-resident Senior Fellow with the Digital Innovation Initiative at the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA). Fiona is both a Distinguished Policy Strategist in Residence in the School of International Service and Distinguished Fellow at the Internet... Read More →
avatar for Lartease Tiffith

Lartease Tiffith

Executive Vice President, Public Policy, The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
Lartease Tiffith is the Executive Vice President for Public Policy at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). He leads IAB’s public policy team, which is responsible for advocating on behalf of IAB’s more than 700 member companies on complex issues, including consumer privacy... Read More →
avatar for Emil Ochotta

Emil Ochotta

Senior Director of Privacy Governance Engineering and Google DPO, Google
Dr. Ochotta is currently global lead for Privacy Governance at Alphabet and Google’s DPO (Data Protection Officer). His role includes a broad set of responsibilities notably the detailed review of all Google product launches from a privacy perspective. Previously, Emil spent 7 years... Read More →

Thursday July 21, 2022 2:30pm - 3:45pm EDT
Central Hub

3:45pm EDT

Coffee Break
Thursday July 21, 2022 3:45pm - 4:00pm EDT

4:00pm EDT

Net Breakup—Can the Global Internet survive war and geopolitics?
Will the invasion of Ukraine lead other nations to rethink how to keep connected to the global apps their citizens rely upon—or will they try to build well-protected “walled gardens”? Can we have a global, seamless Internet if countries impose sanctions on online services as a way to punish enemies and competitors? In other words, will geopolitics ruin the seamless Internet?

avatar for Melinda Clem

Melinda Clem

Co-Chair, IGF-USA

avatar for Eric Burger

Eric Burger

Research Director, Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI), Virginia Tech
Eric Burger is Research Professor of NextG Security and Affiliated Research Professor of Public Policy at Virginia Tech. Prior to Virginia Tech, he was Research Professor of Computer Science and the founding Director of the NSF Security and Software Engineering Research Center at... Read More →
avatar for Nazak Nikakhtar

Nazak Nikakhtar

Partner, Wiley
The Honorable Nazak Nikakhtar brings over two decades of experience in international trade and national security to help clients succeed in the domestic and global marketplace. Through leadership roles in the U.S. government and private sector, Nazak has leveraged her valuable insights... Read More →
avatar for John Morris

John Morris

Principal, Internet Policy and Advocacy, Internet Society
John Morris is the Principal, Internet Policy and Advocacy at the Internet Society. With a career in technology policy spanning the public, nonprofit, and private sectors, before joining the Internet Society, Morris held the position of senior non-resident fellow with the Center... Read More →
avatar for Matt Larson

Matt Larson

VP of Research, ICANN
Matt joined ICANN staff in May, 2016, as VP of Research in the Office of the CTO. Prior to joining ICANN, he was CTO at Dyn, Inc., and spent 13 years at Verisign, finishing his time there as VP of Research and Director of Verisign Labs.He lives in Maryland and works in ICANN's... Read More →
avatar for Amie Stepanovich

Amie Stepanovich

Future of Privacy Forum
Amie Stepanovich is a nationally recognized expert in domestic surveillance, cybersecurity, and privacy law. She was most recently the Executive Director for the Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship at Colorado Law. Stepanovich previously served as U.S... Read More →

Thursday July 21, 2022 4:00pm - 5:15pm EDT
The Forum
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